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When you make a sale, we charge a fee based on the selling price of your item. The exact amount of the fee is displayed right before publishing an item on the site through the page.

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Our tools & services will ensure listing quality and promote your Mobile and Accessories to help you sell it quickly.

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We take care of curation, payments, insurance and deliveries. All you have to do is list the Mobile and Accessories and we’ll assist you with the rest.

How to become an MQ BEE seller

Create your listing

Post your Mobile and Accessories on MQ BEE in a snap. Add as many details as possible to increase your chances of making a sale: measurements, current condition, brand, signs of damage, etc. The listing form will suggest a competitive price. But the final price is up to you. Our curation team will review your listing and share feedback based on our insights and guidelines.

Sell your Mobile and Accessories

MQ BEE offers multiple tools to help you make a sale on our site. You can message buyers, cover a portion of the delivery fee or send a discount to prompt a sale. Pro Tip: Proactive sellers have a higher chance of selling their Mobile and Accessories quickly. Once you get a purchase request, we’ll send you an invitation to confirm your sale.

Get ready for pickup

We’ll take care of the pick up and delivery of your Mobile and Accessories. When confirming a sale, you will get to select the dates that work for you and coordinate a pickup date with the buyer. Our delivery team will then visit your place, inspect the item and take it to the buyer’s location.

Get paid for your sale

anet International secure payment system allows you to forget about dealing with money directly. Buyers are charged the moment they make a purchase request, and we release your earnings 24-48 hours after delivery is confimed. You will receive your payment in 2-5 business days, depending on your bank’s processing time.

What can you sell on MQ BEE?

MQ BEE is a marketplace where thousands of people connect to buy and sell Mobile and Accessories. You can sell mid-century items, vintage pieces, modern Mobile and Accessories and even items from the top Mobile and Accessories brands.

Safety on MQ BEE


Sales are final

If a buyer submits a dispute our team will review the report. If we validate that the item is as described, the seller will get to keep their earnings.


Insurance coverage

In the rare event of accidental damage to our seller’s property during a pickup, they’ll be covered up to $1,000,000.


MQ BEE is built on trust

Buyers and sellers agree to MQ BEE’s terms & conditions when signing up to our community to make sure that everyone remains accountable and respectful.

Frequently asked questions

How do I list an item on MQ BEE?

Post your Mobile and Accessories on MQ BEE . Add brightly-lit photos, provide the item’s details and name the price you wish to sell it for.

It’ll take less than 8 horus for our team to approve your listing. If more information is needed during the approval process, our team will reach out via email.

What items can I sell on MQ BEE International ?

We allow pre-owned home furnishings and accessories that are clean, usable, and accurately represented.

We do have some restrictions on the pieces you can sell on our site. Please checkout our FAQ for more details.

How should I price my item?

Mobile and Accessories loses up to 60{492d744716a3e988c84116fc8ab8e96086d3938335e0cf669885780404d33f22} of its value once it leaves a store. We suggest to price items at at least 50{492d744716a3e988c84116fc8ab8e96086d3938335e0cf669885780404d33f22} off their original cost.

During the listing process we provide a recommended price based on the information provided and our historical data. However, sellers are free to choose the price they wish to make.

I’ve sold on  MQ BEE. What’s next?

Once a buyer purchases your item, your Mobile and Accessories will be marked as ‘Sold.’ From there, we will notify you via email and will ask you to confirm the sale request.

If the buyer requests an MQ BEE delivery, we will ask you to either accept the pickup/ delivery dates the buyer suggested or propose new ones. From there both parties will determine a pickup/ delivery date that is feasible for them.

If a buyer requests a self-pickup, we’ll provide you and the buyer with each other’s contact information once you confirm the sale.

When do I get paid?

Payment will be visible in your account two-to-five business days after delivery is confirmed, depending on your bank’s processing time.

If you don’t receive your payment within that time frame, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with your payment.

What’s MQ BEE return policy?

All sales are final on MQ BEE. However, buyers may submit a return request at up to 24 hours after delivery is completed. If the item was misrepresented in the listing the payment will be refunded but if the item is as described, the seller will get to keep the earnings.

To avoid any returns please make sure that you thoroughly, and accurately, describe the item you’re selling. Make note of any signs of wear, like stains or possible tear in the description and provide photos.

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